Passport Overlays

SecuraSeal offers a range of different passport overlay materials to suit a variety of different passport types and issuance processes.

Passport Overlay options:

  • Lacquer - an ultra thin, crystal clear high-security lacquer overlay with supportive carrier developed specifically for use in the latest travel documents.
  • Polyester security overlays use high clarity base films in combination with a variety of complex co-polymer heat activated adhesive coatings to support and protect the passport bio-data page.
  • Pressure Sensitive - self-adhesive film, which is ideal for use in local or emergency issuance situations and short-run document production.


Lacquer overlays can be specified as a clear laminate or with wallpaper HRI holography, which uses a high refractive index holographic design across the whole film for high security and as a forgery deterrent. It is also available with a registered HRI design with features which are registered to printing on the document.

These three different options can be combined with a wide choice of security print features which are available from SecuraSeal, to create an extremely high security laminate.

The construction of the overlay makes it highly tamper evident, as any attempts to remove it from the carrier document will cause the lacquer to break up.

Lacquer overlays are compatible with a wide range of in-book and other passport issuance machinery including Diletta, SafeID, Datacard, Uno and Kugler.  Standard lacquer thickness is sub 10 microns, with carrier layers of19/23/36/50/75 microns.


Polyester overlays are available in a range of Polyester and heat seal adhesive combinations, dependent upon the format required for final application.

  • These overlays give enhanced durability and superior protection of data pages, through the highly durable and stable polyester film used, and the high bond strength permanent heat-activated adhesive.
  • Tamper evidence can be improved further by the use of functional security inks offering a range of tamper evident features, including selective heat transfer, solvent sensitivity and water sensitivity.
  • Overlays are available either in plain format or incorporating holography. Holographic options include inset labels, all over High Refractive Index (HRI), and all over HRI in combination with registered print.

Standard thicknesses are 75 and 125 micron, with different grades of film and adhesive, including 1/2, 2/2, 2/3. Other combinations are available to suit the requirements of each document. These are available in rolls or sheets for integration with all passport lines.


Pressure Sensitive overlays are available in multiple sheet formats (single, two or three images per sheet), with or without perforations, to suit application method and machinery.

They have a permanent, highly aggressive adhesive that forms a strong tamper evident bond to security papers, and can be further enhanced by the use of bespoke selective release messages and permanent thermochromic ink to clearly identify where adulteration of the document has been attempted.

Available based on a range of filmic types and thicknesses, such as Polyester, PVC (Vinyl) and Polypropylene (BOPP) in a wide range of thicknesses and film/adhesive grades, most popular applications use:

  • Polyester film - 36/50 microns
  • Adhesive - 20 microns
  • Sheet applied, for use on passport lines using appropriate machinery

For a confidential discussion on how overlays and card products from SecuraSeal can help secure your ID documents please email us at or call us on (+44) (0) 1295 701 039.

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