Biomaster Protected

SecuraShield with Biomaster

SecuraShield™ laminating films from SecuraSeal provide superior enhancement, security and protection for a wide variety of printed documents, graphics and signage – and now offer unique antibacterial protection through Biomaster technology.

The new SecuraShield™ with Biomaster film inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria by releasing silver ions. A bacterium landing on the Biomaster protected surface is unable to replicate and therefore it dies.

Complete antimicrobial protection for medical, healthcare and food environments

The technology works 24 hours a day to inhibit the growth of microbes and has been proven to be effective on at least 20 organisms including MRSA. E. Coli and Campylobacter and in independent tests SecuraShield™ with Biomaster film has been proven to reduce the levels of E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus by over 99%.

Ideal across a wide variety of industries and applications – from instructions and teaching aids in healthcare and clean room environments to menus, recipes and documents in the catering and food sectors.’

Range of finishes

The SecuraShield™ with Biomaster film has a matt or gloss finish and is available in a range of gauges and sizes in both laminating pouch and roll films formats.

Biomaster Protected technology

Biomaster anti-bacterial technology is used across a variety of products and its use in SecuraShield™ laminating films adds to the wide number of applications in healthcare, food and clean room environments.

Biomaster makes any surface cleaner and more hygienic and provides effective, lasting antibacterial protection as well as reducing the threat of cross contamination across the food and healthcare industries.

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