Laptops at Accreditation

Accreditation Software

We partner specialist accreditation software providers to offer a complete accreditation software package.

A proven accreditation solution, used at a range of events across the world, our software can be used for small or large events and can be used to register from tens to tens of thousands of visitors.

The software offers efficient accreditation procedures, rights allocation and pass printing including day and upgrade passes.

Central Database

A single central database which the software is built around enables organisations and officials to input their accreditation information online, making the process quick and hassle free.

Flexible data reporting provides up-to-the-minute status reports and contact records for interrogation and record keeping.

The accreditation software is part of a larger games management system which can also deal with entries, rate cards, volunteer recruitment and rosters.

To discuss how accreditation software from SecuraSeal can help your event management please email us at or call us on (+44) (0)1295 701 039.

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