ID Card Overlays

ID Card Overlays

SecuraSeal's range of ID overlays provides superior protection for personalised documents, such as ID Cards, Driving Licences and Residence Permits.  With over 35 years experience of supplying security laminates, SecuraSeal and its employees can recommend the best solution for each overlay requirement.

Overlay Materials

ID card overlays use high-clarity base films combined with a variety of complex co-polymer heat activated or pressure sensitive adhesive coatings to support and protect the ID card core.

Overlays can be combined with a range of card core materials, such as paper, synthetic paper and other plastics to protect the personalised details and create a secure, durable card.

Security Technologies

SecuraSeal has access to the very latest anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud technology, and the knowledge and experience to combine it with the best quality overlay materials to use it to best effect in your applications.

With overt, covert and forensic technical approaches, we can help protect ID documents with multi-layered technology to provide the exact level of complexity required.
  • Taggant authentication
  • Microtext - visible & UV
  • OVD's - holographic & colour shift technology
  • Security print


For a confidential discussion on how overlays and card products from SecuraSeal can help secure your ID documents please email us at or call us on (+44) (0) 1295 701039.

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