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Event Passes

SecuraSeal offers a complete range of accreditation pass options.  From high security encapsulated paper passes with security print through to PVC cards, we can supply the appropriate type of pass to suit any event.

Secure Event Passes

Our proven accreditation paper and laminate combinations have been used at the most high profile major sporting events to clearly identify attendees and ensure safety for all.  We supply the paper, laminates and laminators to produce the passes at the point of registration.  Many major events use the security paper element of the pass as Visa authorisation to allow overseas competitors to enter the country.

A wealth of technologies can be incorporated into an event pass to create the appropriate level of security for each event. These can be specifically tailored to suit the organisers’ requirements, depending on the verification capabilities utilised.

Incorporating a range of overt and covert security features on the paper and laminate makes copying incredibly difficult and enables assured verification by security teams at an event.

Overt and Covert Security Features

UV fluorescent inks
Fine line and guilloche security print
Metallised and HRI holographic labels and foils
Colour shift and pearlescent inks
Tactile features

Additional high-security covert features can be added to permit back office checks to verify the authenticity of a pass, if an attempt at counterfeiting is suspected.

Multiple Event Pass Options

We supply passes in a variety of paper and plastic materials in a range of shapes and sizes, pre-printed and for on-site completion, including printers.  Supplementary passes can be used for a wide range of uses, including visitors, training bases and contractors working on site.

We can supply smart passes with integrated RFID chips to enable contactless tracking of visitors and access control at events. Different types of pass can be supplied depending upon the needs of each event.

For a confidential discussion on how SecuraSeal's range of event accreditation passes can benefit your event please email us at or call us on (+44) (0)1295 701039.

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