Accreditation Labels/Stickers

Accreditation Labels/Stickers

SecuraSeal has significant experience of supplying secure labels for events, using a wide range of label material and adhesive combinations to provide the performance required from each label.

Labels can be used for securing important equipment, to indicate eligibility for entry and movement in restricted areas in conjunction with an accreditation pass and for a number of other uses.  Many electrical and wireless devices now need to be clearly marked for safety and approval. Our experience in secure laminates also enables us to develop brand protection labels for protection of official merchandise.

Label Features

A range of different security features can be incorporated into each label to suit each application, including:

  • Holography (Transparent HRI and Metallised)

  • Security Print

  • Tamper Evidence

  • Removable

  • Permanent

  • Sequential Numbering


For a confidential discussion on how SecuraSeal's range of event accreditation products can help your event please email us at or call us on (+44) (0) 1295 701039.

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