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Work with Securaseal for 'start to finish' security accreditation that guarantees a seamless event – enjoyed by all.

Firstly, huge congratulations to Scott Redding, from the Be Wiser Ducatti PBM team, who the British Super Bikes (BSB) series final at Brandshatch on the 18th/19th/20th October.

As the series celebrates the end of its 31st season, Securaseal, the events' official 2019 accreditation partner is already focusing on the future.

Access all areas during this year's 27 races, at 9 different tracks, gave the Securaseal team an unprecedented opportunity to analyse layouts, garages, access controls, physical and technical barriers to make sure the security provided was faultless.

Given the inherent risk of motorsport events and the high value of equipment in pits, teams and riders require an incredible level of protection for the security – and safety – of all.

 "Working so closely with staff onsite meant we understand how the event works from an access, security and control point of view from the ground up," explains Securaseal managing director Will Duggins. "Every track is different. We need to fully understand each one's limitations to guarantee our security controls work seamlessly in every location."

"We talked to staff about what they really need from us. We made life easier and more secure for everyone from the media and the onsite security to the mechanics."

2019 was the first year Securaseal has provided security accreditation for the BSB series, and the team had to supply materials to work within existing systems. Time frames were tight, and expectations were high.

"We met both," says Will.

The BSB series is the latest example of Securaseal's unique approach to event accreditation. Forget off-the-shelf packages, the Securaseal team work with clients to understand their exact needs, offering suggestions and improvements to make life easier for accreditation managers.

"One example was our standardised wristbands and materials designed to complement one another for easy authentication," explains Will. "We supplied the Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM) team with hospitality passes for access to pits and tents that replicate the BSB season passes. It means they are recognised and approved of by all levels of security, making moving around easier and quicker for everyone."

So, what's next?

"2020 will be the year of change and development," says Will. "We are already looking at the systems and discussing improvements to how access is controlled."

Although it all sounds like intense hard work, Will and the team found time for fun, often with clients new and old as they enjoyed the race days while showcasing Securaseal's products and services in action.

"As a fan myself and an accreditation specialist it was fantastic to be able to get behind the scenes," Will explains. "We're proud to have been an official partner and to be part of the sport's growth in the UK. We also want to use our experience to help other motorsports events around the world as we develop new technologies and materials based on the new knowledge gained this year."


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