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Zac Alsop will not be happy. Using little more than Photoshop, a £15 Tesco laminator and the information treasure trove that is the internet, Zac has turned access breaches into a successful YouTube channel.

Zac, who has gained (unauthorised) access to sports events and the MTV EMA awards, sets out to push boundaries not cause harm. He even offers to help venues improve their security to stop future 'Zacs’ succeeding.

It’s easy to see why his videos, in which rebuffs from security personnel simply make him find another route into the venue, draw a large audience.

More than a million people have watched his video sneaking into the Mayweather v McGregor press conference, backstage and right next to Connor McGregor along with the entourage.

However, the vulnerabilities Zac’s access breaches highlight are serious.

And at SecuraSeal we work with our clients to make access breaches a thing of the past.

Security is paramount to ensure peoples' safety at venues. As an event or venue manager, you need to control accreditation and access.

Zac bases his forgeries on genuine access passes displayed on social media feeds, and with Photoshop can design professional-looking artwork at home in minutes.  

He has a stockpile of wristbands and lanyards from other events, so can always find a close enough match, assuming they will not come under much scrutiny from event staff.

To prevent access breaches, your security accreditation needs to be overt and covert.

It needs to be hard to subvert and accompanied by a robust system of scanners and appropriately trained security personnel.

Each pass needs to contain hidden security features that will not show in photos and cannot be easily copied using home printers and laminators.

This might include various kinds of holography, embossing, taggant authentication, sophisticated security print such as fine line, guilloche and microtext print, as well as colour shift inks and UV inks.

RFID technology offers contactless verification and tracking.

To prevent access breaches, you need security accreditation tailored to your event.

You need SecuraSeal.

We are an accreditation specialist, with 30 years of experience providing security laminate protection films, security papers and other security components and services.

We are the only UK security accreditation supplier to offer all the necessary supplies, the expertise and support you need to train your security teams, and 24-hr backup during your event.

We are proud to have been the number one supplier of accreditation for Olympic and Commonwealth Games including London 2012, Glasgow 2014, Rio 2016, Rugby World Cup 2015 and the Special Olympics 2013.  Some of our more recent major events include Baku 2017 and Ashgabat 2017.

Do you want to wave goodbye to access breaches?

We can help. Call our team today.

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