Security & Protection Films

Our range of proven security and protection films are used to secure passports, ID cards, permits, passes and other entitlement documents. Available in a range of formats, including traditional heat seal polyester films, lacquer based products and pressure sensitive self adhesive overlays and pouches.

Over the past 35 years, our team has worked in partnership with a range of customers to produce a comprehensive range of top quality security films and coatings to protect a wide range of important documents.  In excess of 250 million national identity documents have been secured using our products worldwide.

Document Security Features

A range of security features such as holograms, single or multi colour UV print, colour shift and pearlescent inks are amongst the overt and covert tools available. High security print techniques including guilloche, fine line, microtext and nano features can be incorporated to enhance the level of protection for documents. Using SecuraSeal's knowledge and experience of security features, a combination of features can be used to work in harmony and create a document that is almost impossible to copy, alter or imitate.