Capture the action at the British Superbikes 2019

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2019 marks the first year for Securaseal providing event accreditation for the British Super Bikes series. The company is supplying all accreditation materials for the seven-month 2019 season over 27 races and 12 venues. 

This support includes:

  • 15,000 bespoke accreditation PVC cards, over eight different designated areas
  • 15,000 bespoke lanyards branded to BSB and designated areas
  • 5,000 bespoke wristbands for client designation

SecuraSeal managing director Will Duggins has gone from BSB fan to hands on involvement with the event’s security materials and systems. “Being able to use our accreditation expertise for events that we are already hugely passionate about is a fantastic opportunity.

We were involved in design, layouts and physical security of the event to protect all the BSB events.

In the past, we have never been able to have access all areas, speaking to teams directly to get feedback on every aspect of event accreditation. Having this at the BSB series has been extremely valuable to help us develop our products and services.

Stuart Higgs, the British Super Bikes series director, and the team at MSVR, have been very open to new ideas and our concepts, and have really enabled us to get into the core values and needs of the event.”

Securaseal are using the 2019 season to identify areas for improvement for 2020, to test new technologies to make the event even more secure for the public, and to protect the teams and the garage areas.

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